More Signs Pointing to the End

In my blog Signposts pointing to the End, I referenced mass die offs of fish, birds, etc. and increasing earthquakes. While Jesus and other prophets predicted these events would happen, and increase, many today think of those predictions as just Bible stories or myths. However, they have been happening just as predicted since 2011. In the following video, Neil Cavuto interviews geologist Jim Berkland, who documents the same happenings:

Berkland explains how the closeness of the moon to earth can have a large effect on earthquakes. I would remind you that next year the final Blood Red Moons of the 2014-2015 Tetrarch occur. The last one, which will occur on September 28th, will be a ‘super Blood Red Moon‘. A ‘super moon‘ occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and thus it will have the greatest influence on tides.

s16 of BRMaGod, who created the universe, certainly knows the times and cycles by which it works, some of which are fairly short cycles, like the earth traversing the Sun in a year, but some are extremely long cycles occurring only once in a thousand years! For example, there have only been eight Blood Red Moon Tetrarchs occurring on the Lord’s Feast Days since Jesus’ time on earth. Men today are arrogant, thinking they know so much but, as God asked Job, “Have you entered into the springs of the sea?” The answer is no! Man is only just now learning about the depths of the oceans! Or, as God asked, “Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?” (Job 38:33). The answer is no! But God has revealed some of the signs of the heavens for our benefit – and that is what the Blood Red Moons are. My blogs, Blood Red Moons and Jeremiah 18 and Do Blood Red Moons Speak to Us Today? bring some of this into the light. God wants to reveal things to His people that will help them prepare for the days they live in.

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