Blood Red Moons – Warning of Judgments to come

2015 is soon upon us and the last of 4 blood red moons will begin. They are heavenly signs given to get our attention. Since the Bible declares judgment begins first at the house of God, I want to raise this alarm.

I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. – Revelation 3:15

In the Book of Revelaliberty-no-more-150x150tion Jesus dictates letters to 7 churches. In each of the letters He declares, “I know your works.” Much of the modern day church seems to have forgotten this fact! By all accounts there is little difference between church members and the world. One fast growing church in the area I live prides itself on its growth and number of services each Sunday. But the Pastor tells new staff “I hope I don’t shock you if I swear once in a while.” Or at church men’s retreats, he tells the men they can bring their cigars and beer. I guess they really are retreats – retreats right into the world! At another fast growing church in our area worship leaders and staff are let go if they don’t project the right look of ‘charisma’. They are a TV generation and the right outward look is everything.

There are as many divorces and broken families in the Church as there are in the world and social attitudes towards homosexuality, same sex marriage, or abortion are the same. As one liberal columnist recently wrote, “Why do we need the Church, in the world we can have the same freedoms and we don’t have to pay tithes for it!” We have one of the most brutal administrations in our history, leading the fight to tear babies apart in the womb, and 60% of the Church voted for it – twice!

Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; For truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. – Isaiah 59:14

In America, truth has become whatever politicians and liberal news media can spin it to be for their own profit. There is no justice and there is no equality unless it can profit those who spin the media. What is going on in Ferguson is ample proof of that. The Sharpton’s, Jackson’s, and Obama’s race bait and then blame the Grand Jury of being racist if they don’t cave to their demands. It seems to me they are purposely trying to create racial hatred for their own profit.

A well know prophet named Samuel Doctorian delivered a message he heard from God several years ago saying, America will be soon judged because their is no justice. You can judge for yourself if this prophesy is true or not but, one thing is clear from the Scripture above, there is no justice without truth!

God is calling His Church to repent for building their own kingdoms and not His. I have news for Christians, there will be no “white churches” or “black churches” or “Latino Churches” or Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalian, or any other denominations in heaven. There will only be one Church – His Church! He does not care how small or how big you are – only what you do with the truth. And He says, “My word is truth!” The Church in America is about to be judged and the plumb line of judgment will be His Truth.

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