The Fight For Freedom

american-flag-2a2I wrote a 4-part series named 26 Signs of the Lord’s Soon Return last month. I part 4, the 23rd sign was on Christians would be hated for His names’ sake. While this has been happening world-wide ever since Jesus spoke these words, they have increased in ferocity and frequency in our generation. The US has mostly been free of these attacks because of our strong Christian base, but that is clearly changing. News story after news story trumpets the warning – Christianity is under attack in America!

The recent story Pastor Faces Lawsuit for Preaching Against Homosexuality is just another sign of this prophesy of Jesus being magnified. While America was thought to be “A city founded on a hill” by our Pilgrim forefathers, we have now become “A target set on a hill” for all the atheists and heathen to shoot at. The Pilgrims believed true freedom only came from Christ and that anyone who embraced that message would be free indeed. This pastor was simply spreading this message to Nigeria with the hope that “all men would be free”, but, the only way to receive this freedom is through repentance from sinful practices, of which the homosexuality lifestyle is but one. This is not a hate crime but rather a heralding of the message of freedom. It is the age-old message – “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36.

The greater sadness of this story is that American justice has become so deadened as to allow those steeped in the wickedness of the world to have the legal standing to actually sue someone for the speaking the truth, the only truth by which we will eventually all be judged! This philosophy of Antichrist, which aims to destroy the freedom America has, is supported and funded by groups like the Foundation for Freedom from Religion, and other George Soros-funded organizations.

The American flag is not our true freedom but, it stands for that freedom. It stands for those who were willing to die to protect that freedom and to speak the Christian truths upon which it was and is founded. Almost every month there is a new story about some American citizen being sued because they fly this flag in their office or at their home. All those who burn it, walk on it, or are offended by it are free to use another freedom it stands for – leave!

Americans are caving to a few heathen in this country who want to remove any vestige of christian truth from public view. If christmas sign in marshfieldwe allow this it will not be long before they also want to remove it from private view as well! Public schools, government buildings, and even retail stores are tripping over themselves to accommodate these atheists; changing greetings like “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays“. How I would live to see a store that posts a sign saying “We believe in Christmas here, if that offends you, have a nice Christmas anyway.” I would give that store my business! The citizens of Marshfield are facing this battle right now as they resist the establishment mentality of ‘caving to political correctness’. I hope their churches will enter the fight to stand for Christian truth. There are a whole hosts of strategies to be used; prayer meetings, boycotts, political rallies to recall those who will not stand, etc..

While we know that Jesus Christ’s warnings will come true, there is nothing to say we have to submit to them without resisting. In fact the word of God – says the opposite:

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” – James 4:7.

First, we submit ourselves to God, then we must resist the evil one and he will flee from us!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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