2015 Blood Red Moons

BRM_eclipses2014 is almost gone and it will be seen as a year of beginnings in many ways. For example: Obama Care began to show its true nature of high costs and lack of freedoms for US citizens, President Obama solidified his rule by Executive Order disregarding Congress, and the Congress shows its complicity and lack of courage by letting him do it. It is now clear to all that we are no longer a nation of rule by law, but one where greed, power and political influence can override justice and truth.

I believe 2014 will also be seen as the beginning of a financial downturn that will rock the entire world. Already plunging oil prices are sending several nations into deep recessions that may have long lasting effects. Remember that it was economic pressures that encouraged Germany and Japan to rely on military conquest as a solution in WWII.

The social fabric that strengthens nations and peoples is being shredded. Although the roots of social decay began earlier, 2014 brought it into the forefront with same-sex marriage, breakdown of families, racial tensions being exploited for political gain, open attacks on police, etc. By far the worse of these pressures is the trashing of Christianity and its moral values for humanistic values allowing socialistic ideals to become the societal norm, which is opening the door for atheism and even Islam. While these last two seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, they really are just two different weapons of Satan’s attack on God and Christianity on which the USA and much of the west was founded.

Now what does all this have to do with Blood Red Moons? Heavenly signs are God’s warnings of things to come and 2014 began a series of 4 blood red moons that occur on Biblical Feast days. This is only the 8th time such tetrads have occurred since the time of Jesus. They signal trouble for Israel, which also has implications for the world. Have you noticed that every hiccup in Jerusalem is heard around the world these days? 2014 was indeed filled with constant war and rumors of war in Israel’s part of the world. US and world diplomats were constantly on the go trying to keep the turmoil from becoming a full-scale war. They have not been very successful as ISIS forces are changing the landscape of the Middle East.

2015 will continue this pattern except two eclipses of the sun will also be involved. Jewish Rabbis taught that blood red moons signify trouble for Israel – “When the moon is in eclipse, it is a bad omen for Israel … If its face is as red as blood, it is a sign that the sword is coming to the world …” . But they also taught that eclipses of the sun signified trouble for the nations of the world.

The Biblical calendar is very important for us to understand as it is the calendar that God regards. On March 28, 2015 an important date on that calendar happens – Nisan 1 which is the beginning of the Biblical calendar. And on that date an eclipse of the sun occurs! Fourteen days later the 1st blood red moon of 2015 occurs on Passover. What troubles will these events herald? I do not know but a few possibilities come to mind: 1) A new Israeli government will be sworn in and a new Prime Minister as well. Will the fight over Jerusalem and a Palestinian State continue or will those wanting peace at any cost prevail thus speeding Israel’s destruction? 2) Will the struggle with ISIS bring on the war predicted in Psalm 83? Or 3) will financial and political pressures bring the Russian bear down into the Mideast beginning the Ezekiel 38 war?

September 2015 begins the next heavenly sign, a total solar eclipse on the Feast of Trumpets, which signals an alarm ofeclipse coming war and great trouble for the world. It may also signal the soon 2nd coming of Messiah. It is also at this time that the Year of Jubilee is declared. Jubilee was to be a time of great freedom and release but because of sin it became a time of great financial judgment and collapse. At the end of September the last Blood Red Moon of this tetrarch occurs on the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot. This feast celebrates the Lord’s dwelling among His people. All these events and feasts occur in September 2015.

There are many prophetic events still to happen so these eclipses and blood red moons could just be signals that they are about to begin and we should prepare. I do not mean that we should adopt some survivalist mode of thinking but that we should be sure we are actively doing the Lord’s work, as Scripture says, “Blessed is that servant that his Master finds so doing when He returns.” May He find us all doing His work and seeking to know His will in the days ahead. I believe it may also signal an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to help us do the work of the Kingdom of God.

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