Messiah Has Risen

As I look out the window, all I see here in Wisconsin is a cloudy day heavy with dew. The dew has almost frozen on the car windows and there are puddles of water on the ground. All in all, it could be a dreary day but, it is not because HE IS RISEN! Today, we celebrate that some 2000 years ago men moved by Satan tried to eliminate God’s only answer to mankind’s problem of sin. The Almighty allowed His only Son to suffer and die for us, though He Himself was sinless, as the sacrifice Lamb of God. Long before that momentous event God had revealed to man that the penalty of sin was death and since the life is in the the-sacrifice-of-isaac-1729blood, only the shed blood sacrifice of an innocent could atone for that sin. Much earlier God revealed a picture of what was to come as He asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac and then at the last moment God stepped in and provided a replacement sacrifice and Isaac was spared. In the fullness of time, God provided that innocent sacrifice Lamb, His own Son. This sacrifice was to atone not just for Jacob but, for the entire world! Satan used representatives of the entire world to kill the sacrifice Lamb, both Jews and Romans, thinking they had won the victory but they could not overcome the Light of God. From the very instrument of death, the cross, He prayed, “Father, forgive them for they know what they do.” God not only answered that most holy of prayers then but, He has been answering it down through the ages. harvestGod’s proof that He accepted the sacrifice was the resurrection of His Son and He did it on the celebration day of First Fruits, that hopeful Feast in which God hears the thanksgiving and prayer of His people for a bountiful harvest to come. That harvest has been coming for some 2000 years to those who trust in the LORD and the final harvest is not far away. This is what we celebrate in Easter. I have no doubt that if man’s rebellious nature had not blinded him, Easter and Passover would still be celebrated together as together they tell the whole story of God’s reaching out to deliver mankind from the judgment he has earned.

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