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Obama Threatens to Allow a Palestinian State

Obama Threatens to Allow a Palestinian State

Obama Calls on Israel to End “Occupation” and Commit to Peace.

US President Barack Obama called on the new Israeli government to show “a genuine commitment to a two-state solution” and resolve what he called the humanitarian crisis in Gaza following last summer’s war. This statement shows the utter falseness of President Obama.

palestinian rockets

To Israel from Gaza

First, the only “genuine commitment” that would ever satisfy the Islamic Hamas in Gaza would be for Israel to commit mass suicide! Israel has made many genuine commitments to peace with the Palestinians over the past 50 years only to be rebuffed by the Muslims and answered with rockets, riots, and killing of Israeli civilians. But, Obama never seems to highlight this as they would not fit his repeated claims that Islam is a ‘peaceful’ religion!

Second, if Obama and the Muslims really want a two-state solution why not divide Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon to carve out a place for the ‘peaceful’ Palestinians? Why take land from Israel, the smallest land mass in the area? After all, the Palestinians were previously in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon but those states kicked them out because they are NOT the ‘peaceful’ citizens they are made out to be.

Third, would the United States make a ‘genuine commitment’ for peace with a neighbor, such as Mexico if they started bombing us, or shooting rockets into our country, or kidnapping our civilians while demanding we give them California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas? I would hope not but, then why does the United States demand Israel do this very thing with the Palestinians who have done all these things to Israel?

President Obama has said, “I will never give up on the hope for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and the United States will never stop working to realize that goal.” If he really believes that, and I personally doubt it, then I have two suggestions he might follow: 1) Preach Jesus Christ to them, as He is the only source of true peace to be found in this world. In fact He alone is the Prince of Peace. 2) Short of point one, a temporary peace might be found if Obama would begin to criticizing those who use terror to gain their ends. After all, I do not read of Israelis strapping bombs on themselves to blow up on buses or in restaurants or crowded streets. I do not hear about Israelis shooting rockets into Gaza on a daily basis, or stabbing Palestinians on their streets, or driving cars into their sidewalk traffic. Obama might also demand that Palestinian leadership actually use the vast amounts of money given for Palestinian aid for the Palestinian people instead of weapons and lining their own pockets! However, I do not expect Obama to do any of this because he has adopted the Muslim idea of peace – “become Muslim or die”, oh yes, they also accept becoming a slave to Islam.

America has become so devoid of judgment and so politically correct that we would rather punish Christians for their moral beliefs than dare to say anything negative about Islam. Even China, a communist nation, has more common sense than liberal America. They have seen the danger of Islam and are cracking down hard on it – Chinese police crack down on the wearing of beards and veils, observance of Ramadan, in Muslim-majority Xinjiang province, after surge in violent attacks. I am not supporting China’s policies but, I am saying that supporting Islam’s use of terror and violence to achieve dominance over Israel’s Biblical claim to the land is wrong and those who are promoting this policy are no friend of justice or peace! While not all Muslims are terrorist, certainly all Mideast terrorists are Muslim! We would be foolish not to admit this and plan accordingly.

Much of the so-called Church is also taking this un-Biblical stance and many so-called Christians are blaming Israel for the unrest in the Mid East. Now even the Pope has thrown his hat into the ring on the side of the Palestinians. They need to read again what the prophets had to say about this end-time policy –

“For behold, in those days and at that time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; And I will enter into judgment with them there on account of My people, My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land. – Joel 3:1, 2

Israel may not be perfect but God has a plan for them and He will let no one stand in His way of finishing it. As we are approaching the end of the age, it would be wise to follow God’s plan and not man’s.

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