Is War with Gog Approaching?

In last years post named Revisiting Gog of Ezekiel I stated –

“Russia’s current move into Crimea, Yugoslavia, and other Baltic states could signal the setting for Ezekiel’s prophesy beginning. Russia’s threatening Denmark with nuclear retaliation, Iran’s threatening to wipe Israel off the map, ISIS’ threats against Jordan and Saudi Arabia are all setting the scene for Israel making a preemptive strike on Lebanon, Syria, and/or Iran. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt may even support such an Israeli attack.”

Russian missiles in Syria

We now see Russian troops and air power actively fighting in Syria to help Syrian leader Assad overcome local groups fighting against him. Just this week it was revealed that Russia installed it’s best ballistic missiles in Syria. Iran is also stepping up its threats against Israel and continuing its work on ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. The Russian Iskander missiles can reach all of Israel and Jordan and half of Turkey and they are protected by the S400 air defense missile system as well. The Iskander is the most advanced system Russia has and is able to target moving as well as stationary targets. It is the first time Russia has deployed them out of country.

Adding to this atmosphere of tension, the United States is moving a division of troops and upgraded weapons, including tanks, Bradley Armored Vehicles, and mobile Howitzers, into the Baltic states along NATO’s borders with Russia. Also, we must consider the political climate in the U.S., where the likely Republican Presidential candidates are all expressing a hard line toward Russia, Iran, and ISIS type terrorists. We must assume they are all aware of these positions and realize that if they intend going to war with Israel, now is a better time than later, especially since there is a better than even chance a Republican will win the Presidency.

Then there is the God factor to consider. What is God planning to do? In Ezekiel 38, 39 it states –

“I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out …” – Ezekiel 38:4

prophesy for todayIt is clear that it is God who sets the agenda and the time of this battle. But God always reveals His plans to His prophets and through His creation. The feast of Purim just happened March 23 and 24. This is the feast where Israel celebrates their deliverance from Haman, which is a type of Iran. What is significant is that a blood red moon also occurred on that date. This forms a very rare Pentad of Blood Red Moons all happening on Feast days. Purim represents God’s deliverance of Israel from Persian hatred (Iran).

Perhaps God is warning His people to be prepared for what some are calling World War Three, the Gog – Magog War. We can prepare by having our lives right with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and we can prepare by electing a godly President who will stand by Israel, and God’s plan for them.

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