The Need for Truth

When I was actively pastoring, I was often criticized for spending too much time on the subject of prophesy but, that was not true, and I have the tapes to prove it. I offer the following article for two reasons; 1) as proof of my statement above and 2) because this message is of critical importance for the Body of Christ.

the downward slideFor too long Christians world-wide have been deceived by the world into to settling for the lessor of two evils, between half-truth and outright lies. A simple illustration will prove the folly of this strategy. When forced to choose between two evils, if you chose the lessor, you are still moving downhill and eventually you will reach the bottom, only a little slower. Now my illustration uses current politicians but, the principle applies to all areas and choices of life. The better answer is of course to find God’s will and do that because all your choices will have eternal consequences.

how far we've come

Our 50th Wedding Aniversary with our 8 Children

With this introduction, I give you a sermon I preached in 2000, called The Need for Truth. In this message I wanted to impress on the listener the absolute necessity of embracing the truth. Truth is not a matter of intellect, or feeling, but of the spirit. I pray you will listen to the message and endeavor to apply it in your life. It is the only way to freedom. To hear the message just click on the link below.

God bless you with wisdom and truth which only come from Him.

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