The Trumpet is Sounding

wilkerson vision

I recently shared David Wilkerson’s Vision he had in 1973 in which he shared 7 collapses that were going to happen in the world and in the United States,  many of them have happened or are beginning to happen already.

  1. “Worldwide recession caused by economic confusion”
  2. “Nature having labor pains”
  3. “A flood of filth and a baptism of dirt in America”
  4. “Rebellion in the home”
  5. “A persecution madness against truly Spirit filled Christians who love Jesus Christ”
  6. There will be another wave of riots and there will be a fall in moral conduct.
  7. “Apostasy in the church”

Many others have had similar revelations recently and anyone who is observing current events can see and hear them happening daily on the news. More importantly, God tells us these things will be happening toward the end and He also tells us what He is going to do about it!

endtime disastersI believe He has already begun sending His judgments as violent storms, fires, and earthquakes shake this earth. Last Sunday, 10/15/2017, a prophecy was given in our church and I will share it as best I can remember –

“I am beginning to shake this land, physically and spiritually. I will bring down every false god and every false tower that men are trusting in. The very land will rebel against the wickedness that men have committed on it with storms, fires, and earthquakes. All who put their trust in the arm of flesh will be shaken and made afraid. But, to you who trust in Me, I will be your refuge and a strong tower for the righteous to run into and find safety. Prepare for shaking!”

One thought I do remember vividly as I heard these words was “God is going to shake us out of our comfortable lives.”

feasts of the LordWe have finished the season of the Feasts of the Lord and the last feast, the Feast of Tabernacles, is all about the final harvest of souls the Lord is waiting for before He comes. He is speaking – “Pray for workers in the harvest for the fields are white unto the harvest!” Also, remember, the ‘later rain always falls just before this final harvest and on those who ready and willing to harvest.

The saddest realization is that most of the church is asleep. They may see the problems enveloping the land but, they are comfortable and think it is someone else’s job to do something about it. But, remember, if you name the Name of Christ – you are the church and you are the one called to the harvest and to be a watchman.

May this word sound like a trumpet around our nation and the world, and in your heart as well.

One thought on “The Trumpet is Sounding

  1. Great post!
    Before seeing David Wilkerson’s 1973 vision of the days to come.. I had read his book, Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth.. When I did listen to his vision, I was stunned by his statement that there would be “naked churches” the man had a gift from God.. people scoffed at him.. but last year a church in VA opened.. where all the members are naked.. all he stated came to pass except the cosmic war.. but the heavens are stirring..
    God Bless 🙂


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