Racing Towards Judgment

wilkerson visionI recently posted several articles on past prophecies and included one by Pastor David Wilkerson called the Vision, which he wrote in a book with the same name in 1973. In 1976, he wrote another book named Racing Towards Judgment in which he listed three areas of judgment coming soon on America. This book expanded on things he saw in his vision of 1973. The three areas listed have been foreseen and warned about by many others in recent years; some are financial dave wilkerson judgments on Americaexperts, some are geophysical experts in the areas of earthquakes and droughts. I have written about several of them and like many others I expect them to happen soon. I do not offer this prophecy to frighten you because those who trust in the Lord do not need to be fearful but, we are also exhorted by scripture to watch that we might be prepared. With that in mind I include this reading of Dave Wilkerson’s book – Racing Towards Judgment –

Earthquakes and droughts are beyond our control and financial collapse is beyond most of us being able to affect. But, they are not beyond God’s control. Scriptures are full of promises of His deliverance from disasters or in the midst of disasters. Also, America has within its control a way to change these judgments – it is called REPENTANCE! Just remember Nineveh (Jonah 3:4-7).

The United States just had another chance to choose righteousness over wickedness in the Virginia and New Jersey elections. Instead they chose Lesbians and LGBT proponents. God was watching! But, if even a remnant prays, God can turn things around or preserve the righteous through the judgments coming as He proved with Abraham, Lot, and Sodom. Take this article as a call to pray and seek God. Encourage your church to pray and if they don’t,  find one that will!

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