Blessing or Curse – the Choice is Ours

AbortionThis is one prophecy many do not like to think about. It exposes the root cause of almost all our problems as people and as a nation. It is the leading cause of the overwhelming majority of death in our country. Yet most are not willing to acknowledge it. What is this great evil that is exposed by this prophecy?

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” – Mal. 4:5,6

We have been struck with a curse! Because of abortion, we have released a spirit of murder in our land that has claimed more lives than all our previous wars together. Most, if not all, the abortion has been caused by a lack of parental faithfulness to their marriage covenant. Every recent school shooting in America was done by a child whose father had abandoned him in one way or another. Several of my children are school teachers and they all say the same thing, half of their classes (or more) are filled with children from broken homes. Rather than confront the problem, mostly liberal government representatives just legalize the problems – such as enacting no-fault divorce laws, or passing welfare programs that enable divorcees to support themselves. But, God has a different view. He looks at the marriage as covenant between Him and you. 

“And this have ye done again, covering the altar of the LORD with tears, with weeping, and with crying out, insomuch that he regardeth not the offering any more, or receiveth it with good will at your hand. Yet ye say, Wherefore? Because the LORD hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: yet is she thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant. And did not he make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth. For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away (divorce): for one covereth violence with his garment, saith the LORD of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously.” – Mal. 2:14-16

Not only have we been hit with a curse but, this problem has caused God to stop hearing our prayers! That is vital, unless you are one of the liberals who think our blessings come from our own abilities and efforts and give God no credit for them.

learning the truthAs I watched the memorial held in the Capital Rotunda today, I believe there is a remnant of those who appreciate God and were sorry to see the Christian witness of Rev. Billy Graham taken from us. His was a message of God’s love and call to repentance to our nation, and to the world. That, I believe is the spirit of the prophecy of Malachi about Elijah coming to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers’Fathers you are to be the head of your families and you are to love your children enough to not desert them, to teach them the ways of God, and to prepare them to be godly offspring. You are not only to provide for them but, you are to set the example of love by loving your wife. You are not only to teach them God’s ways but, you are also guide all their learning – that means getting active in their school’s curriculum as well.

If you do not do this, the curse will continue to overtake us and no gun control or psychological counseling will save us. Pass this on and maybe the ‘spirit of Elijah’ will do its work in America.

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