Does God Judge Nations?

weighed-in-the-balancesDoes God judge?

Many times people do not recognize judgments when they come. Sometimes they are the result of our own lawlessness, such as when governments or school systems push God out of their world views and then as a result face increased lawlessness and rebellion. Or when we kill nearly 60 million of our potential children by abortion and then worry about the increase of a spirit of murder among us. On the part of schools, if you eliminate God’s 10 commandments from the curricula and replace them with atheistic humanism, what or who is to be the arbiter of right vs. wrong? A student can reason, “My version of right and wrong is just as good as yours!” and they would be correct!

The government will eventually resort to force to enforce its version of right and wrong and this will further teach students that the use of force is necessary to achieve their versions of right and wrong – thus ‘walk-outs’, riots, and violence will become accepted behavior.

The problem with this scenario is that humans are unstable and their standards of right and wrong often change, therefore the concept of absolute truth is lost and there is not a sure foundation upon which to build a stable society and that society will soon pass away.


Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon

A Democrat Senator from Oregon is complaining about the use of ‘torture’ against terrorists to gain information that may save lives but, this same Senator can support suicide of the elderly and abortion of the unborn. The only logical understanding would be that terrorist are of more value than elderly american citizens or those unwanted unborn citizens! Or, the only other possible reason would be that none of them matter – only what will gain votes and political support matters. I suspect the latter is the truth and that this is the over-riding motivation of many liberal Democrats. This philosophy is a direct result of the rejection of God’s moral laws and the substitution of current humanistic standards of right and wrong. Any society built on such standards is doomed to failure.

Now God also uses force to enforce His standards, so what is the difference? The difference is God is perfect; perfect in righteousness, perfect in understanding, perfect in love and care of us, and perfect in knowledge. And most importantly, GOD CHANGES NOT! What is true with Him today, was true yesterday, and will be true tomorrow. He alone is a stable foundation upon which to build.

Hawaii is a state that is currently finding that the liberal philosophy their government currently built on (such as lying for Obama) will not protect them from forces that are greater than man. God is shaking their foundations as a warning to turn back to Him as volcanoes are erupting. God does not want to destroy but He does want them to turn to Him in word and deed.

I also believe such shaking should be a warning also to states like Oregon and California, who may be next.

God does judge and He often uses the forces He created, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, wild fires and hurricanes. They can all be warnings to change our courses but, they can also be opportunities to trust in a God who has control even over natural forces.

One thing Scripture is absolutely clear on is that as we near the end of this age all of these natural forces will be unleashed. It will be an object lesson of what happens when a loving Father removes His hand of protection. The fact that we are witnessing a great increase in all these forces on a world-wide basis should give us all warning that we are in the end of the age.


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