Resist the Devil and he will flee

There is much talk about the ‘invasion’ taking place on our southern border but not much talk about the Islamic invasion taking place in our country. Immigration is a fine thing but, it must be controlled and the immigrants must assimilate into our culture, not the other way around. Muslims do not intend to assimilate to American values, they intend to overcome them with population and change them to Islamic values. I read one article where an Islamic woman threatened to leave the country unless halal food was served, to which I thought – ‘There’s the door!’. The following video shows Muslims demanding Islamic holidays being observed by a school board. 

The Muslim community has no intention of assimilating into American values. In fact they are actively planning to take over American values and America! They are doing it as an open secret by such events as National Hijab Day in American schools. American pulpits are silent about this invasion.

national hijab day

National Hijab Day – began in 2004 in American Schools

President Obama began a mass immigration of Muslims, much larger than the Mexicans crossing our southern borders. His plan was to turn whole states towards Islam and he began with Michigan and Minnesota. The following video is of Dearborn Michigan.

The American news media is largely silent about this move and if any coverage is made, it is largely positive. Nothing is said about the negative aspects of Islam, such as having

Muslim marriage under sharia

Muslim Child Brides under Sharia

many wives or auctioning off Christian children as child brides. Their rapid growth in population is accounted for by having many wives and by taking advantage of America’s liberal welfare benefits. They are very active in politics and the news media gives them abundant coverage. Little is said about the Islamic culture which can be easily seen in Muslim's auctioning a Christian child bridecountries of the middle east. Christian martyrdom is greater than at any time in history and it is largely done in Muslim countries. Christians of Iraq and Syria are beheaded or raped and enslaved, their children auctioned off as child brides and American news media has only positive things to say about Islam!


America is blinded by so-called ‘separation of religion’ doctrines in its schools but, they can freely celebrate Hijab Day or take Islamic names or pray to Allah while the mention of the name of Jesus invokes a serious reaction! Where are the preachers? There should be fire coming from the pulpits over this hypocrisy. Louis Farrakhan wants to proclaim a black Islamic state within America, 29 Islamic military compounds are allowed to exist within our borders, and Islamic fundamentalists are killing Christians all over the world and yet there is no word of condemnation resounding from the pulpits of America!

The United States is the only major power standing with the tiny state of Israel and the devil wants to bring us down. He is doing it through our schools, our news media, and our politics. Meanwhile the Church in America is largely asleep to the danger, or they are compromised. There is a reason God hid America from history until the end of the age and there is a reason He blessed this nation with great power and wealth. That reason is to act as a restrainer to the devil’s plans against God. As long as we are following God, the devil will be powerless against us so the devil’s plan is to put us asleep and grow this cancer of Islam among us while we sleep.

Wake up America! There is only one way to God and that is not Mohammed, it is Jesus. And our God is not Allah. Any compromising with Islam is rejection of the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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