The Foolishness of Secularism

ilhan-omar-living-ugly-america-every-day-assaultIlhan Omar, Democrat Congresswoman from Minnesota, recently declared

“I am, Hijabi Muslim Black Foreign born Refugee Somali”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) quickly pointed out that she failed to identify herself as an U.S. citizen. He said, “More than a little odd that ‘American’ doesn’t make the list. Wonder why? She is a sitting member of the US Congress. But, in today’s Leftist world of intersectionality, ‘American’ is deemed embarrassing & gauche,’. But what is more interesting to me is she failed mention that she is a follower of the God of the Bible. But, I don’t want to just single her out, the Congress is filled with nearly 100 socialists and communists, and they don’t believe in any god. How can this be? It can only happen because the people are blindly following the Democrat Party which has been taken over by leftists and socialists and they are listening to ABC and CNN who are run by socialists.

There is no truth in the news media or in our public schools either. And it is having its affect. In an article named “Losing our Religion: America becoming ‘pagan’ as Christianity cedes to culture” the author states –

“The shrinkage is staggering. In 1976, mainline Protestants made up 30% of the country. Now they’re 10%. In a decade they’ll be 5%, Mr. Burge calculates.”

gay bishop

Gay Bishop Ordained

Many pastors don’t believe in the inerrancy of Scriptures themselves. And they don’t teach the entire truth of the Scriptures: The penalty for sin is death, God will judge sin, Jesus died for our sins if we repent and accept Him, and He is coming back again, and soon. They don’t call out those who are being led by the spirit of Antichrist and they don’t proclaim that there is only One God, as Scripture declares –

“Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel, And his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: ‘I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God.” – Isa.: 44:6

“And there is no other God besides Me, A just God and a Savior; There is none besides Me. Look to Me, and be saved, All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.” – Isa. 45:21, 22

There is very little taught on prophesy in the modern Church and even less on the soon return of Jesus for His Church, even though that is one of the main topics of the Bible.

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works. Speak these things, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise you.” – Titus 2:11-15


John Adams, President of U.S.

‘Looking for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ’ is one of the foundational truths of the Bible and yet it is seldom taught in the modern Church.

Our forefathers knew that our liberties as citizens depended on who we elected to lead us, and they advised to elect believers in God as our Representatives. We instead elect those who promise us government handouts to feed our various lusts, forgetting that a government that can give you everything is also a government that can take everything you own. (This the description of Socialism – they promise everything but end up taking everything!) The current venue of Democrats running for President are just this type, Lollipop salesmen promising a sucker in every pocket! But, they are not promising to follow God and His ways, and yet the Lord says –

“Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.” – Ps. 127:1

What is true for a house or a city is also true for a nation. Without the Lord as our foundation, whatever we do will be in vain.

There is a great ‘falling away’ from the truth of Christianity currently taking place, as the Apostle Paul warned us about (2 Thes. 2:3) and that means the Lord is soon coming for His Church, those who are looking for that Blessed Hope. Do what you can, spread this good news and meanwhile vote for those who are like minded believers, for no one knows the exact hour or day of the Lord’s coming. We do know it is soon.

God’s blessings to you.


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