God’s Judgment Depends on this Election

Our local University has just posted its promotional video called The Center for Racial and Restorative Justice, shown below. It is a blatant, in your face, look at what they are promoting on their University, with tax payer monies I might add! This is what parents are turning their children over to be trained in.

Americans wake up! You have let a Trojan Horse into your country and it has been pulled into the educational system. They are not teaching American heritage but socialist-marxist philosophies that will destroy us from inside. It is no accident that most of the rioters burning cities are young people. This is just a foretaste of what is to be unleashed upon us if they have their way.

web pictures 090I retired from teaching at the college level for 29 years, 25 years ago and I can tell you the atmosphere has changed! They are no longer teaching our true history but they are using our young people to promote racist intolerance and calling it ‘justice’. And at it’s core, this philosophy is against the Church of Jesus Christ, the American family, and the American Republic.

the return in washington DCWe just recently had a prayer march on Washington DC and the Return event in which 10s of thousands of people showed up to humble themselves before God and to plead for His mercy on this country. I believe God is answering with prophetic words and warnings to America, such as this one from a man from India named Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj . The message he gives involves the great need for Christians to fast and pray for God’s will to be done in the upcoming election. Because if we don’t, then the hell shown in the first video will be unleashed upon us.

This word was given October 17, 2020 in California. In conclusion, are you one of the Christians who doesn’t care? Or are you one of the Christians who will let someone else carry the load of interceding for the President and the nation? These are the principles that are at stake:

  1. The sanctity of life – abortion and euthanasia
  2. The loss of religious freedom – to speak your faith and stand for truth
  3. The sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman
  4. Standing for God’s plans for the nation of Israel

There are many more issues at stake but these are the main ones. I hope you take this election seriously, pray earnestly, and vote.

One thought on “God’s Judgment Depends on this Election

  1. My brother I completely agree with the writing.But I would like to have some light the subject of abortion. Why a father forced to work two jobs to enable him to pay his rent and to provide for his family. And most of the times mother and father have to leave their children to baby sitters to go to working order to provide for their family. I feel something wrong for this ppictures.


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