5 thoughts on “God is Speaking in Signs

    • Yes, i think this is overlooked, i have a bad feeling that almost all have overlooked the words of the Messiah, in Matthew regarding this temple desecration spiken of in Daniel, yes, as that, just as the Temple 1 was, and the second temple would be, soon, (and they marvelled) but then he answereing their quest to know what would the End of all these tnings be, and of the end of the world, and then he began to explain, and got to the part of the abomination which maketh desolate, when ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation.. spoken of by Daniel…standing in the temple whoso readeth, understand <– THIS IS A HUGE RED FLAG TO US! – i think. It sounds as though he knew we wpuld th8nk he was being literal, but it is not that cut and dried; it seems clearly he is warning us to look more deeply, spiritually. A warning it is, clearly, right? To us in the last days near the time of the end of the world, for whom it was WRITTEN, "…he who READETH, UNDERSTAND" … clearly, he wanted us to take very careful note… it being not as literal or plain as seeing a man going into the rebuilt 3rd temple showing, acting as if, proclaiming himself "as God" in the temple blaspheming, desecrating, making abominations there.


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  2. Apologies for last part of my comment tonight, march 6, 2021, i meant to say about the 1260 days: from Sep 23, 2017 is March 6, today,
    And 1260 days from July 10, 2017 = Winter Solstice 2020 Grand Conjunct of
    Jup/Zeus, Saturn/Cronos (father & son showing to earth as ONE)
    Yet, if the additional 30 more days are figured after that, the date of 1290 days spoken of by Daniel comes to: Jan 20, 2021 Biden Inaugurated

    As you rightly said, he reversed any and all progress on all fronts
    Abortion is increased, where before it was already an egregious number here plus our practice of exporting it to the other nations, promoting it, And… since about February, especially in March, his administration has ramped up the “rollout” of the other, newest abomination which does make desolate … ruining temples -totally DESTROYING them.
    ( I was runnung out of battery so i am sorry for the confusion and mistake up there in the first comment.)

    [Also, would like to say I like the man above who comment above here, he said not a literal temple, …figurative temple(s) (but it would not let me say “like”)] could he please say more about that?

    So many things to think about related to all of these prophecies.

    SINCE JAN/FEB I am very scared of Biden and Kamala, The WHO, all of it. And there is no place to flee to escape these horrors.

    We are in a fight for not only our physical lives and the lives of all others they want to ruin & destroy, but what we do in this fight impacts directly on eternity-ours and lots of others’ eternities.
    This is all-out hell on earth right now and has been for so long when innocents are being deliberately desyroyed, and innocence itself.


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