God doesn’t forget a Covenant!

Pilgrim's ThanksgivingAs I consider the ‘woke’ culture, which is really a disguised communist doctrine, and the so-called ‘Cancel Culture’, which is likewise communist in it’s foundations. I think we all need to remember our history! The United States was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans who came to this country with a mandate from God. One which many have forgotten.

Faith McDonnell wrote –

“But today is also the 400th anniversary of an extremely significant event in the shaping of our nation. And that event is connected through the centuries to the “heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self, their country loved, and mercy more than life” of which Bates writes.

And in fact, both of those events, as well as the ancient, spiritual connection to the people of Israel’s covenant with God, will be commemorated today. At the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 11/11 of 2020, the Shofar will blow at Plymouth Rock and at the Washington Monument. The faithful who are gathering purpose to renew America’s covenant with God.”

She of course is writing about the Mayflower Compact signed by the first Pilgrims as they landed on America’s shores. President John Quincy Adams praised the Mayflower Compact. In 1802 he said that this agreement was “the only instance in human history of that positive, original, social compact.”

The Puritans also came about the same time, except they were not ‘separatists’ as the Pilgrims were and they began to form governments based on Holy Scriptures  Their leader, John Winthrop, wrote, “It will be a service to the Church of great consequence to carry the Gospel into those parts of the world…& to raise a Bulwark against the kingdom of AntiChrist which the Jesuits labour to reare up in those parts (and they still do yet today!).” They formed colleges to educate the people in the Scriptures. They set sail from England with a dream. Their new nation would be a guiding light. It would be an example for the whole world. John Winthrop spoke of a ‘City Upon A Hill’. This was the Puritan vision for America. And it continues to this day.

Most of these colleges have long since turned secular and are bulwarks of Humanism, as is most of our educational system. The Bible has become an antiquated unread book gathering dust in libraries, if it found there at all! The spirit of Antichrist which John Winthrop warned against has indeed won some battles for the heart and minds of the people. But, all is not lost, the Word of God yet remains, and a remnant yet believe it. And it states –

“For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest On the land allotted to the righteous, Lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity.” – Psalm 125:3

Those following the spirit of Lawlessness have taken over the White House, the Congress, and the Courts, and the media. But, they have not taken into account God! They think their fraud and lies are hidden from God but, Scripture says, “O God, You know my foolishness; and my sins are not hidden from You.” (Psalm 69:5). But God has seen and He is beginning to cause judgment to fall on the unrighteous. Blue states are losing multitudes of population and they are going to Red states. They have seen the corruption and mismanagement by these un-American despots and they have had enough! The population loss is so great that it will cost California and New York Representative seats in the House. And this transfer also includes finances! The ‘woke’ and ‘cancel’ doctrines adopted by schools is also costing them as more and more parents are pulling their kids, and their finances, out of these schools – choosing charter schools and home schooling instead. The left leaning, globalist social media is also loosing finances and followers as new conservative media platforms are beginning. The louder leftists, like Maxine Walters, screams, the further down they slip. They forgot that the Pilgrims and the Puritans formed the United States to be a government of the people and for the people. And they forgot that they founded this country on a covenant with Almighty God, and He is now taking a direct interest in it.

God says –

“As for Me,” says the LORD, “this is My covenant with them: My Spirit who is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants’ descendants,” says the LORD, “from this time and forevermore.” – Isaiah 59:21

This is the way God treats a covenant. So, Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit, take heart – the battle is just beginning and God is going to win!

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