The End of Christmas as we know it.

manger sceneYou had better enjoy this Christmas because it may be the last Christmas where you will be in control of your ability to buy the presents you want or to send the solicitations you wish. We already know that the globalist mentality makes no room for a Christian version of Christmas, after all they are behind the erasing of the name of Jesus from the public and nativity scenes everywhere they can. Now, Joe Biden has just issued an executive order calling for the establishment of a digital currency. This order lays out a timeline for when the attorney general, secretary of the Treasury, and chairman of the Federal Reserve should provide the White House with a legislative proposal for a digital currency: within 210 days of the order, about seven months.

burning dollarsNow you may ask, “How does this affect Christmas?” If this digital currency is adopted, it could easily be tracked by banks, federal agencies and the Federal Reserve. They could also be programmed to control the kinds of things people can buy, how much could be purchased at a single time or any number of other variables. This currency could also be used, as it is in China, as a sort of ‘social control’ of what you buy or who you support. If you support the wrong people according to the government, the banks could shut off your currency.

In short, the development of a digital currency could present the most dramatic expansion of federal power in history, depending on its design. These things are all laid out in an article by Justin Haskins written in Newsweek titled Biden’s Plan for a Digital Dollar is a Massive Threat to Freedom.

It is hard to trust the Biden Administration who shuts down pipelines and removes oil rich lands from available production by gas and oil companies and then blames them for the shortages! And it is hard to trust an Administration that has such obvious ties to China and gives a lucrative grant to an American firm having very close ties to China such as was reported in Fox News article Biden admin defends handing lucrative grant to energy firm with deep China ties. In October, the Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the grant to Microvast, a Texas-based maker of technology for electric vehicle batteries., especially when 69% of Microvast’s revenue was generated in China and just 3% came from the U.S.

One of the greatest ideals that Christmas stands for is freedom. And every American, whether Christian or not, should be concerned when their government proposes something that will take away their freedom. The very first freedom that our founding fathers held so dear was the freedom to worship God as they chose. From this freedom, all others develop.

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