What to do about Government that Fails You

noah-webster-quoteGod told Zechariah, “These are the things you shall do: Speak each man the truth to his neighbor; Give judgment in your gates for truth, justice, and peace;” – Zech. 8:16 The phrase “in your gates” refers to government. But we are now saddled with a government that does not know how to speak the truth! It is somewhat the Church’s fault. This present government is simply an extension of the Obama government and 60% of so-called Christians voted for him and a good number of Christians also voted for Biden! The Church, in its rush to remain aloof from anything smacking of the political has not taught its members the truth that all our founding fathers knew and is best said by Noah Webster, writer of the famous Webster’s Dictionary. Paul said truth is the belt we must gird our waste with but without truth, your pants will fall down! Indeed, many in the Church do not love the truth enough to pay a price for it. And they are victims of the ‘lawless one’ Paul wrote about and because they did not love the truth God is giving them over to a strong delusion. Even though Republicans present themselves as more conservative than the Democrats many of them do not walk in the truth either.

Representative Chip Roy of Texas recently said, ‘I Am Tired of Words!’ The House Republican Blasts GOP Colleagues for ‘Doing Precious Damn Little’ About the Border. He asked “Will Republicans honor their campaign commitments to secure the border – yes, or no? What I am seeing right now from my Republican colleagues does not give me faith that they will stand up in the breach as did those men who stood on the wall at the Alamo. I am tired of words!” Republicans have done little to curtail the damaging executive orders flowing out of the White House or the run-away spending that 18 Republican Senators voted for in the Omnibus spending bill! When the campaign is on they are quick to mouth the words they think the people want to hear but when they are faced with the hard choice to stand, they cave in.

It is now revealed what many suspected before that the Covid Virus was leaked from a Chinese Lab in Wuhan, a story the media tried unsuccessfully to hide from the people. And why didn’t we find out about it from the CDC or the NIH? Instead, we found out about it through the Energy Dept.! Now we find out that our government is negotiating a deal to give WHO (the world health organization) authority over pandemic policies!  And WHO wants everybody in the world to get vaccinated even though the vaccine is proven not to work, and it is causing many bad side effects!

There is many more lies our present government is throwing at us but where can we go for the truth? Certainly not to the media or to our government. But there is a place God has ordained to give out truth – His Church! But that requires pastors that are “messengers of the Lord” as God told Malachi. God’s model pastor was Levi and God said of him,

“The law of truth was in his mouth, and injustice was not found on his lips. He walked with Me in peace and equity and turned many away from iniquity.” – Mal. 2:6

But this is not just a pastor’s duty, it is also the duty of everyone claiming the name of Christian. We are to love the truth, seek it out, and then broadcast it to all around us. First, we must tell the truth of Jesus, but it is said about Jesus that the government shall be on his shoulders, in other words He cares about government as well as men’s souls! As Noah Webster said, it is the duty of citizens to place principled men in office for the public good.

Pastor Charles Cooley, retired.

2 thoughts on “What to do about Government that Fails You

  1. I’m sure I can hear God saying to you, well done, good and faithful servant!

    God bless,

    Deborah Leal



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