The Time of the Latter Rain

Several weeks ago, as I was laying in bed, I felt the Holy Spirit was urging me to write a Face Book post. Here it is –

“I am writing this late Tuesday night with rain falling outside to all who will listen. We are facing a critical time and only the Holy Spirit will get us through it. Jesus told over 500 to wait for its outpouring but only 120 did. The Holy Spirit has come but many have not yet received Him and been filled with His presence. If you wish to come through the upcoming crisis, you must be filled with His presence. This is the time to seek Him if ever there was a time. Get before God in prayer and ask Him for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and don’t stop until you receive Him. “open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” Is what Psalm 81:10 says. Breath in the Holy Spirit for He is the breath of God and He will give you a new tongue.
Remember, Jesus said all who ask shall receive. Believe Him. It is the time of the later rain of the Holy Spirit.
Charles Cooley
P.S. If you have previously been baptized in the Holy Spirit, this is the hour to be filled again.”

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God’s Answer to the Antichrist System

final kingdomIn Revelation 12 and 13, Jesus revealed to John what the last kingdom of man would look like on the earth. We are fast approaching it – but many do not recognize it because it is so often couched in economic and political terms and many think anything of God must be religious in nature. But, it is spiritual in nature because it is all about God’s final plan for man. Jesus summed it all up in two portions of Scripture – the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 2. Continue reading