Islamic Invasion of America

As a watchman I am bound to sound the alarm for Christians. The camp is being overrun – with Muslims. They are not content to enjoy our freedoms and prosperity, they want to change us. I list just a few recent headlines:

Muslims Now Demanding ‘Special Muslim Welfare’

Muslims in Minneapolis are demanding that the city food banks supply Halal food. In another protest, they demanded that Islamic women not have to obey posted rules of a bank asking customers to “please remove hats and sunglasses”.

Muslims Outraged After Hijab-Clad Woman Gets Kicked Out Of US Store For This Reason

It did not matter that the policy was designed for safety; the business wanted to be able to clearly identify those entering their doors. Muslims want to enjoy the benefits and welfare of our country but, they think they are somehow above the rules! Continue reading

26 Signs of the Lord’s Soon Return – part 4

president betrays Israel

Obama Threatens to Allow a Palestinian State

 15. The possession of Jerusalem would be at the center of international turmoil. Israel has claimed it as their eternal capitol. Arabs claim it as the capitol of a new Palestinian state. The United Nations has censured Israel and favored Palestinian claims so many times that I’ve lost count. The United States has usually been the only nation with veto privilege in the UN Security Council to block these attempts. But now, President Barack Obama, a Muslim sympathizer, has signaled he may not veto this latest attempt to divide Jerusalem. Continue reading