A Mask is just a Little Thing – or is it?

vote by mail

Inspired by Democrats

The drive to control the people is growing steadily.  I just received news that the Walmart and the Sam’s Club in our area will begin requiring that all people entering MUST wear masks, even though there is no scientific proof that the wearing of masks will protect people from getting the Covid19 virus. There is however plenty of proof that many masks impede the flow of oxygen, causing headaches and more serious results as well. This is nothing but an effort to get the people used to being controlled. The mandatory wearing of masks, maintaining ‘social distancing’, and curtailing of mass gatherings (except when the protests and riots achieve their goals) are all planned moves to gain control over people’s freedoms. Next will be controlled voting, probably ‘voting by mail’ which is easily manipulated by fraud to insure a prescribed outcome. You might want to look at who is pushing mail in voting, then you might want to look at who is pushing the wearing of masks, and then you might want to look at who is pushing strongly for a mandatory vaccine for the Covid19 virus. I think you will find they are liberal ‘One-World Government’ types and they certainly do not believe in the Republic of the United States or in God. Continue reading