The Importance of Family

In 2016 I wrote an article named Return to the Family in which I highlighted the importance of family. At that time we were in the throws of a Presidential election and the news media was going wild with speculations and propaganda. Even though the election was won by Donald Trump, it seems as if the battle for our mind is continuing by the so-called news media. In that article I wrote –

“As the upcoming Presidential election draws near, many voices are flooding the airways proclaiming their perceived answers to our problems, each trying to drown out the other. The noise is so disharmonious as to cause a normal person to click the off switch, especially when one understands they are speaking lies and half-truths for the most part and that most of the “news media” does not disseminate news at all, but just the propaganda they have sold out to!”

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Ready of Not

(God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Day of Eternity7 of my 30 Grandchildren)

As the song plays, I want to share a great truth with you all – it’s about family. I have important news for all of you but, especially for my grandchildren, and especially the boys – you don’t get to choose your ancestors! God does that for you and you just have to live with it and make the best of it! Below is an example of what I mean –  Continue reading