Prophesy from the Past_3

One prophecy that is being played out right now before us is one given to Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. It was given by an African Pastor and concerns Israel and the new Temple. It is told in this video by Jonathan Cahn on the Jim Bakker Show –

It reminds us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which is one of the prime targets of Satan and those who carry out his work.

Prophecy from the Past

From time to time it is good to remember what others in the past have said in the Name of the Lord (prophesies they have given). The following vision was given by an old Norwegian woman in 1968 and shared by Jonathan Cahn on the Jim Bakker show –

Many things in this vision remind me of the vision George Washington is reported to have had at Valley Forge. Although it is quite long, I will include it here. Although we have it via the reporting of an old soldier and a writer who may have added some editorial license, I feel the basic vision is true. In any case it is up to us to judge its authenticity.   Continue reading