The Foolishness of Secularism

ilhan-omar-living-ugly-america-every-day-assaultIlhan Omar, Democrat Congresswoman from Minnesota, recently declared

“I am, Hijabi Muslim Black Foreign born Refugee Somali”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) quickly pointed out that she failed to identify herself as an U.S. citizen. He said, “More than a little odd that ‘American’ doesn’t make the list. Wonder why? She is a sitting member of the US Congress. But, in today’s Leftist world of intersectionality, ‘American’ is deemed embarrassing & gauche,’. But what is more interesting to me is she failed mention that she is a follower of the God of the Bible. But, I don’t want to just single her out, the Congress is filled with nearly 100 socialists and communists, and they don’t believe in any god. How can this be? It can only happen because the people are blindly following the Democrat Party which has been taken over by leftists and socialists and they are listening to ABC and CNN who are run by socialists. Continue reading