The Purpose of Shaking


Yellowstone and New Madrid Quake Zones 

God has used earthquakes in the past to speak to man and shake him out of his waywardness as well as purifying his walk and trust in the Almighty. And He will use them in the future as well. In the United States there are two mega earthquakes that are thought to be candidates for eminent shaking, the Yellowstone caldera and the New Madrid fault. Plus there are numerous earthquake faults in California as well. The Yellowstone earthquake would wipe out most of the western United States and the New Madrid fault could divide the United States in two. Earthquakes are one of the ways God gets the attention of a wayward world. Continue reading

26 Signs of the Lord’s Soon Return

the returnThe signs of the Lords return are everywhere evident to those who have eyes to see. I have listed here 26 of them but, there are more.

The re-establishment of the nation of Israel is one of the biggest and most evident. The prophet Isaiah called it an “ensign to the nations”.  I have spent little time on it even though there are an abundance of prophesies signaling this event as a last days signpost. The prophets Joel and Zachariah declare it is the main argument God uses to judge the nations and that Jerusalem will be a “heavy stone’ and burdensome weight to the world. But, there are many more signs to examine.

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