The Great Transformation Continues

Passover 2018Last April I wrote an article named The Great Transformation in which I talked about truth, and by truth I mean God’s truth – not what man today calls truth, which is often just based on humanistic reasoning. In this article I will cover many of the same topics but, expand on them. I want to do this because the devil and the spirit of Antichrist are masters at twisting truth. Remember, the definition of iniquity is twisting the truth.

My articles concentrate on truth because God’s truth is the only way to set anyone truly free. Not long ago we celebrated the feast of Passover, which all about freedom from slavery but, Jesus taught that he who sins is a slave to sin. What good is it to be freed from Egypt if the sins of Egypt are still in your heart? We have all struggled with this battle and have all fallen to the temptations of Egypt (the world). But, that doesn’t negate the power of the blood of the Lamb to do it’s work of deliverance when mixed with faith and obedience because God stands behind that Lamb! And He revealed the secret of overcoming the sin – Continue reading