Wake Up – the Hand of the LORD is about to Move

Hear the word of the LORD to an un-repentant nation. This is the message that should be coming out of every pulpit in America. It is a message that needs to be preached to every government leader in the nation and to every political party. Winning at any cost is a cost too great, because it means the loss of your soul!

“Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear. for your hands are defiled with blood (the murdering of the innocent), and your fingers with iniquity; Your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered perversity. No one calls for justice, nor does any plead for truth. They trust in empty words and speak lies; they conceive evil and bring forth iniquity.” – Isa. 59:1-4

“So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter.” – Isa. 59:14-15 (NIV)

In the 2020 Presidential election, all kinds of fraud took place and election officials even laughed about it!

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Uncovered Email Shows Milwaukee Elections Executive Woodall-Vogg Laughing About the Election Steal on Election Night

And the Republican Leader of the Wisconsin State Assembly has adamantly stood against having a forensic audit like Arizona and his reasons are clear now. He is a staunch friend of Paul Ryan and Lance Priebus, both ‘never Trumpers’. They would rather have an immoral Democrat as President than Trump. Now the recent New Jersey elections are finding as much fraud as was evident in the 2020 elections. So the iniquity and lies and murdering of the innocent is just as evident among us as it was in ancient Israel when Isaiah spoke these words. Where are the Lutheran Pastors and the Catholic Priests who minister at the churches they attend?

And the corruption goes much deeper, now it is involving our health and freedoms. Senator Rand Paul, who is also a medical doctor calls Anthony Fauci a liar and asks him to resign, but his actions and of those behind him have already done the damage.

Now they and this Democrat Administration want to vaccinate 5 year old children with life changing toxin’s, called a vaccine! We now find out that 50,000 people died after getting this vaccine and now they want to give it to our children!

BLM defund the policeAnd the Democrats are Considering $450,000 Payments To Illegal Immigrant Families Separated At the Border. Yet they refuse to complete a Southern Border Wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Now all these things may get you excited, and they should, but, far worse is the open door to abortions that they have provided. They are allowing a spirit of lawlessness to move freely in the land with their “Defund the Police” movements. They have also legalized homosexuality and made it a hate crime to speak what the Bible has to say about that perversion. They are robbing our children of their normal childhood by their trance gender doctrines and they are robbing Americans of the knowledge of who we are by their Critical Race Theories!

But Isaiah also said that God had reached a “tipping point” and He would act –

“For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, And a helmet of salvation on His head; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, And was clad with zeal as a cloak. According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, Fury to His adversaries, Recompense to His enemies; The coastlands He will fully repay” – Isa. 59:17-18

Isaiah said “Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save”. But, this salvation only belongs to those who repent! All others will feel the vengeance of the Lord. This message is not only to those that do these iniquities but also to those who approve of them by their votes and support.

Isaiah also said, the Lord wondered that there was no intercessor in the face of these transgressions. That word is to the Pastors and Priests who should have been delivering this word against the corruption. Church membership will not save them, it will only make their judgement worse, because they should have known! All who commit iniquity and unholy acts will come under this judgement. We are very close to the return of the Lord and it is time to get oil in our lamps and prepare! It is time to draw near to the truth and speak the truth, God’s word is truth. Jesus said only the truth would set us free – nothing else. Nothing in this world is worth more than God’s truth, not wealth, not political power, not popularity, not worldly indulgence.

The apostle Paul writes that there is a generation that will not receive the love of the truth and they will be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thes. 2:10). I urge you to pray that you are not one of those people.

Wake Up America!


God’s Justice is Sure

God is not mocked! Individuals or nations cannot deny Him by their actions and yet expect His continued blessings. The United States actually began almost 400 years ago when the Pilgrims and Puritans first came to this land in the early 1600’s. Others may have come before them but they were never able to successfully found a society. Why? I believe it was because God kept this land for those who would form a covenant with Him. Both the Pilgrims and the Puritans did this and they relied upon God’s protective hand to establish them. If you read true historical reports, you will find every colony and state was founded upon a covenant relationship with God Almighty. None can deny that God kept His part of the covenant and this nation became the most blessed in all history. It truly became “A city on a hill” for all the world to see and immolate. But, rather than celebrating this and continuing it, we have been denying our history, apologizing for its success, and working to tear down its foundations.  Continue reading