Choosing Truth

IsaiahAs we face an uncertain future there is one element that we desperately need and that is truth. The prophet Isaiah wrote 3000 years ago –

“Justice is turned back, And righteousness stands afar off; For truth is fallen in the street, And equity cannot enter.” – Isa. 59:14

There is no justice without truth and truth always supports righteousness. That is a foreign thought to the modern media and certainly to many politicians. I have written off the alphabet news channels as they have become nothing but liberal Democrat propaganda sources. But, sadly the one part of society that should be the cornerstone of truth – the Church – has also allowed the liberal philosophies of humanism into its ranks. Many churches have bought into the lie that religion has no place in politics when morality, which is the foundation of the Church, should also be the judgment stone for all politics. Greed, lying, stealing, and tyranny are all subjects for the Church and politics is ripe with them. 100 years ago the pulpits would be ringing with the denunciation of politicians who practice and preach immorality but, today little is said about such topics as abortion and divorce. When it is clear that divorce is ruining the family and God is against it – “For the LORD God of Israel says That He hates divorce” (Mal. 2:16). The only one who wins in a divorce is the devil. And abortion is the taking of human life and God calls that murder! Where is the preaching of truth on this subject in the pulpits? Instead, the Church has adopted the false mantra of ‘women’s rights’ over the truth. But, there are a few in the Church who are not afraid to speak the truth, such as this Catholic Priest –

This Catholic Priest is facing discipline for speaking the truth. But, there are others who are also speaking and writing the truth. In “A Lutheran Catechism on Abortion and Life” by David A. Kaufmann, PhD. F.A.C.S.M. the forward message is written –

“Amidst all the confusion that evolutionary humanists have
successfully introduced into the Christian Church regarding
the beginning of personhood in the human embryo, this treatise
brings a much needed clarification that cannot be refuted. No one
can dispute the facts that Dr. Kaufmann documents in it, both
theologically and scientifically, that a human being is a living
person … at the moment of conception. I particularly liked the
way he summed up these proofs in Part IV, Question 8: “Yes, both
Scripture and science agree that the baby at conception is a human
being with potential–not a potential human being.” Therefore, all
induced abortions, though legal, are immoral, premeditated murder
except for those extremely rare physical conditions when one is
necessary, as a matter of self-defense, to prevent the death of the
mother (and baby, if possible).”

As a Presbyterian Elder, I have but one regret: Dr. Kaufmann’s
well-reasoned catechism should not be limited to Lutherans. It
applies to and should be widely distributed throughout the entire
Church of Jesus Christ, our Creator, Saviour, Sustainer, Redeemer,
and Lord.
Albert S. Anderson, M.D.
President, Creation Health Foundation
19 Gallery Centre
Taylors, South Carolina
July 1, 1995

first-100-days-graphicAs we face an upcoming Presidential election, this very truth about abortion is again demanding that we chose the truth. On one side, we have the most pro-life president and Vice President in my lifetime and on the other we have the most pro-death Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. If you claim to be a Christian, this one issue alone should be the deciding factor in your vote.

You must choose. But remember, you are choosing more than a president and vice president, you are also choosing God or the devil, Heaven or Hell. 

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