Muslim Dream – Middle East Without Israel

map without israel_harpercollinsHarper Collins, one of the world’s largest English-language publishing companies, apologized this week after it was discovered that a new atlas printed for schools in the Middle East omitted the State of Israel. 

Harper Collins initially tried to justify the omission by noting that its customers in the Persian Gulf found identifying Israel on the map to be “unacceptable,” and that the Jewish state was therefore erased to suit “local preferences.”

I have an idea, since Israel is the only country in the Middle East to practice Democracy and since they are the only country in the Middle East that gives equal status to women and allows worship by other religions in its borders, perhaps their opinion should matter more than those countries who behead those who don’t agree with them, rape women who won’t convert to Islam, and don’t allow other religions to freely practice their faith.

Perhaps the maps should not include those Islamic countries because their current actions are “unacceptable” to me and those like me in the United States! Now this is as ridiculous as leaving Israel out in the first place. If Muslims don’t want democratic countries included in their maps then they should all leave the United States, England and other western European states immediately. After all, we don’t want them to be offended.

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