Signs in the Heavens

constellationsI recently gave a teaching in our church fellowship on upcoming signs in the heavens that have exciting and far reaching implications for us all. While I cannot go into all the details I shared in church, the many questions I received made me see that many Christians have little knowledge and understanding of the messages God has left for us in the stars of the heavens. Therefore, I prepared this video that covers basic truth about upcoming prophetic signs revealed in the heavens. I pray you will enjoy it and that it will encourage you.

There are many more details that these heavenly signs bring to mind, such their relation to Daniels prophesies in chapters 9, 11 and 12 or their relationship to the seals of Revelation chapter six. How is their time line related to the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 24, Luke 21, or Mark 13? And how do they relate to the Feasts of the Lord?

(For example, the Moon of  Virgo occurs two days after the crescent Moon that begins the Feast of Trumpets and the final part of the Draco sign occurs on the Feast of Tabernacles.)

There is much more to study but one thing is certain – all these signs indicate there is not much time left before major changes in the world begin. This is indeed the Day of Salvation and I encourage you to make every effort to line your life up with God’s plan.

4 thoughts on “Signs in the Heavens

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  4. A little early but I pray that all are still waiting and watching. It’s 2020 now and in the
    midst of a great pestilence (Isaiah 26: 19-21) tells us the LORD is coming shortly.
    At this time the comet Neowise is sailing through sky and think this site explains
    it in the best way possible –
    We also have Daniel’s book of truth, mostly in Daniel 11 and verse by verse understandable
    in a new light as a gift from our FATHER. Be ready now, the LORD is coming… Thanks for this site
    and allowing me to post.


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