Islamic Invasion of America

As a watchman I am bound to sound the alarm for Christians. The camp is being overrun – with Muslims. They are not content to enjoy our freedoms and prosperity, they want to change us. I list just a few recent headlines:

Muslims Now Demanding ‘Special Muslim Welfare’

Muslims in Minneapolis are demanding that the city food banks supply Halal food. In another protest, they demanded that Islamic women not have to obey posted rules of a bank asking customers to “please remove hats and sunglasses”.

Muslims Outraged After Hijab-Clad Woman Gets Kicked Out Of US Store For This Reason

It did not matter that the policy was designed for safety; the business wanted to be able to clearly identify those entering their doors. Muslims want to enjoy the benefits and welfare of our country but, they think they are somehow above the rules!

Why Popular Fast Food Chain Banned Wet Wipes To Avoid Offending Muslims

Other businesses just cave to their pressure rather than fight it in a court of law. KFC recently removed wet wipes provided to its customers for cleaning their hands because they contain alcohol. I guess they prefer germs rather cleanliness. I could list many more examples, but the point to be made will be the same – they do not want to co-exist with us – they want to take over! A more dangerous trend is Islamic encroachment in our public schools. Students are reprimanded for praying to Jesus or reading their Bibles but, praying to Allah is OK. Some schools are even having students take Islamic names and read the Koran but parents who object are reprimanded or even arrested.

To those Christians who believe this is a minor problem, I urge you to listen to the video shown below on demographics. We don’t have long before America is no longer a Christian nation and that means its freedoms will be gone as well. Can you name me one Islamic country that has our freedoms?

This video doesn’t exist

There is only one answer to this problem – preach and live Jesus Christ. There is no more time for ‘lukewarm’ Christianity. As one of my grandsons recently wrote in his blog From Cliché to Power,  “Now here is the challenge: start to live out what you say. If your lifestyle doesn’t fit with a Sunday worship song ask yourself why?”

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